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FORDOG is a community partner with the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District.   
Park hours:   7 a.m. to sundown.   For emergencie:   Call 911;   General Park Information:  916-966-1036;   Maintenance Emergencies:  916-240-3651

During the rainy season, the dog park may be closed without notice, to protect the turf from excessive damage.   SIGN UP WITH THE PARK DISTRICT FOR EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS.

The Board of Phoenix Dog Park met with Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District staff on February 5th to hear some new ideas related to the Dog Park. As many of our Dog Park users have heard, there are changes coming.  We are keeping an open mind on this, as they truly have a goal of making our Dog Park the best.   
Here are some of our topics:
Fundraising Partnership:
  • Currently the Park District covers 100% of the operational expenses of the park:  mowing, maintenance of water systems, janitorial, and water.  They estimate the annual expense is $25,000.  They are hoping going forward that we, FORDOG, can help with some of those costs.  We will need to raise money, of course, and they suggested we partner on some fundraising to do that.
  • Fundraising ideas they tossed out are a spaghetti feed, or  Dog Day, with corporate sponsors.  We are interested in any ideas park users have. We raise around $4-5000 every two years in our own July fundraiser, and most of that is used for poop bags and shade structure maintenance, etc.
  • We have "tribute" signs posted inside the park.  They want to change the concept somewhat.  They propose removing the current signs and substituting a kiosk near the outside corner (adjacent to the bathroom) to display memorial tributes. They would be smaller than currently, but will give the park a cleaner look.  We also would not leave them up permanently as we do now.; they would have an expiration date, possibly two years.
  • The "kiosk" would be designed and ordered from a professional sign company and would fit with the park and dog theme.
  • The District would pay for the sign upfront, but hopes that future fundraising will help offset costs slightly (as mentioned above).
  • They plan to remove all the grass around the exterior perimeter of the Dog Park (outside of the Dog Park along the fence) and replace with bark chips, to reduce watering costs and because currently it is just weeds and, due to drainage problems, mud.
  • The small 2x2" concrete pavers that were installed in the entrance areas and also near the water sources would be replaced with concrete.
Pools/drinking water:
  • The  park district wants to remove the wading pools. We know dogs need water to cool down, and we raised this concern, but it may not be an option, due to their concerns over the extreme water waste that occurs with people constantly emptying and refilling the pools.
  •  Instead  Doggie Water fountains will be installed in those areas to provide less wasteful drinking water fountains for dogs to be able to get water for drinking.  These fountains are activated  by  a human foot stepping on  a pedal.  There would be no hoses or pools in hose areas, or anywhere in the park.
Walking paths inside the dog park:
  • The park district would like to put an 8-10'  wide path of decomposed granite on the inside of the large dog area, eventually doing the same in the small dog area.
  • The park district would like to remove all plastic chairs replacing with permanent benches.
  • There are two reasons for changing from our plastic chairs to permanent seating.
        1.  First is that people turn chairs over on wet or muddy areas.  Often a sprinkler head gets covered,                 then  the water is trapped, making an even worse mud pit.

        2.  Second is the aesthetics of the park. The district believes the look will be more pleasing.  
New area for medium sized or special needs dogs
  • The district staff also tossed out the idea of adding a 4th area, likely by taking part of the large dog area, to address concerns about having more options for dogs that aren't perfect fits for either the small or large dog areas.
The District staff want to make sure all Dog Park users are aware of the ideas discussed with FORDOG, that are listed above. They would also like to stress that they are currently just ideas and that they will continue to work with FORDOG and the Dog Park users to develop plans and timelines that allow ample time to prepare and also participate. The end goal is to keep the Dog Park one of the best in Northern California.

FORDOG encourages you to respond at this email address ( with any input, suggestions, thoughts- about any or all of these proposals- so we can accurately share FORDOG members' suggestions in our upcoming discussions with the park district.  Please send any input to this email address on or before March 1, so we will have time to compile before we meet next with the park district. 

Ellen Burmester, President

December 26, 2014

The Phoenix Dog Park is now open.  We hope you and your four legged friends get to enjoy the park soon! 

As a reminder the park will periodically close throughout the winter and spring when conditions become too wet.  This is done to help preserve the grass for year round enjoyment.  Notifications will be sent out to inform you of any such closures. 

Request E-Mail notifications from the Park District regarding dog park closures at:

Fair Oaks Recreational Park District

Send us your E-Mail Address.   FORDOG keeps their mailings to a minimum, but it's a great way to let our Dog Park users know quickly if we need assistance such as donated bags, tennis balls, or if we need volunteers for a K9 event.   FORDOG never gives out anyone's address. We consider that private information. 

Please send your E-Mail address to FORDOG95628@GMail.Com or  E-Mail us if you have any questions about the Dog Park. 

Thanking you in advance for your support.


The Phoenix Dog Park has been a very successful community project since its inception in 2002. We are establishing an excellant reputation in the neighborhood as a well-run facility that is an asset to the community.

The Dog Park was originally created as a "Test Case" with the Park District in 2001 and has proven so successful that the Park District included a new dog park in their 5-year Phoenix Park improvement plans. This new park was officially opened for business on October 22, 2006.

The FORDOG Steering Committee would like to thank all of the responsible dog owners (our "membership") who have helped keep our Dog Park safe and clean. We would also like to thank the many of you who have generously contributed to the support of Phoenix Dog Park in so many ways.


FORDOG ( Fair Oaks Responsible Dog Owners Group) is a volunteer organization of dog owners who support the off-leash facility at Phoenix Park in Fair Oaks, California .  Our primary purpose is to work with the Fair Oaks Recreation and Parks District  to ensure the success of this dog park.  We also support activities and organizations that promote the health, welfare and sociability of dogs in our community.  To achieve these goals, we:

Provide input and support for Fair Oaks Dog Park.
Provide volunteers to help maintain and keep up the dog park.
Engage in fundraising activities to enhance dog park utility.

"It takes a village to raise a dog."

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