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FORDOG is a community partner with the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District.    Park hours:   7 a.m. to sundown.  Closed for Maintenance on Thursdays until 5 p.m.  For emergencies:   Call 911;   General Park Information:  916-966-1036;   Maintenance Emergencies:  916-240-3651

During the rainy season, the dog park may be closed without notice, to protect the turf from excessive damage.   SIGN UP WITH THE PARK DISTRICT FOR EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS.

December 26, 2014

The Phoenix Dog Park is now open.  We hope you and your four legged friends get to enjoy the park soon! 

As a reminder the park will periodically close throughout the winter and spring when conditions become too wet.  This is done to help preserve the grass for year round enjoyment.  Notifications will be sent out to inform you of any such closures. 

Request E-Mail notifications from the Park District regarding dog park closures at:

Fair Oaks Recreational Park District

In the past few weeks we have noticed several occasions when small dogs are using the area designated for large dogs, and the large dogs are all in the small dog area! 

When we inquired with those present how that happened, we were told that when they arrived it was already that way - so, naturally, the current users migrated to the side of the park where their size dogs seemed to be for that day.

While most folks there were fine with it, some were not.  And all were a bit baffled, as were we! But after talking with folks some more, we all came to the conclusion that what appears to be happening is that some early users of the park are using the small dog side for dogs that appear too large or rambunctious to newly arriving small dog owners; and if there are no big dogs in Area 1 (the large dog area), those small dog users are migrating there to keep their dogs away from the larger puppies. This is speculation, but all seemed to agree that's probably how it happens. Then as folks come they see where their size dogs are - and go there.

So by way of gentle reminder, we encourage all our dog park users to pay attention to the dogs in your area of the park, and if a bad combination seems to be happening or likely to occur, offer to at least temporarily move your very small dog, large puppy, very shy or other special needs dog -  to the small "special needs" area (Area 3)- and take turns using the larger small dog area to run off steam. 

Dogs, like people, don't always "play well with others".  Our job as owners is to be vigilant and proactive when we see potential problem interactions about to occur, and find a friendly way to problem solve.

Your offer to take positive action, will not only make sure more dogs can use the park together safely, but will go a long way toward building the good will toward others that make the park experience also enjoyable for our fellow humans.

Send us your E-Mail Address.   FORDOG keeps their mailings to a minimum, but it's a great way to let our Dog Park users know quickly if we need assistance such as donated bags, tennis balls, or if we need volunteers for a K9 event.   FORDOG never gives out anyone's address. We consider that private information. 

Please send your E-Mail address to FORDOG95628@GMail.Com or  E-Mail us if you have any questions about the Dog Park. 

Thanking you in advance for your support.


The Phoenix Dog Park has been a very successful community project since its inception in 2002. We are establishing an excellant reputation in the neighborhood as a well-run facility that is an asset to the community.

The Dog Park was originally created as a "Test Case" with the Park District in 2001 and has proven so successful that the Park District included a new dog park in their 5-year Phoenix Park improvement plans. This new park was officially opened for business on October 22, 2006.

The FORDOG Steering Committee would like to thank all of the responsible dog owners (our "membership") who have helped keep our Dog Park safe and clean. We would also like to thank the many of you who have generously contributed to the support of Phoenix Dog Park in so many ways.


FORDOG ( Fair Oaks Responsible Dog Owners Group) is a volunteer organization of dog owners who support the off-leash facility at Phoenix Park in Fair Oaks, California .  Our primary purpose is to work with the Fair Oaks Recreation and Parks District  to ensure the success of this dog park.  We also support activities and organizations that promote the health, welfare and sociability of dogs in our community.  To achieve these goals, we:

Provide input and support for Fair Oaks Dog Park.
Provide volunteers to help maintain and keep up the dog park.
Engage in fundraising activities to enhance dog park utility.

"It takes a village to raise a dog."

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