Fundraiser Final Push

As the summer slowly ends we are wrapping up our fundraising activities. BUT, we haven’t quite reached our goal so we are going to go on a final push. If you haven’t given yet this summer, please consider giving to help us reach our goal. If you have already given and can spare a few more dollars all the dogs would really appreciate it.

FORDOG relies on your contributions to achieve our mission of working with Fair Oaks Recreation and Parks Department to maintain and improve the Phoenix Dog Park. We spend almost $1,000 per year on poop bags alone. We also have plans for further improvements which can only be completed with your donations.

We only have fundraisers every couple of years and we appreciate every dollar you generously give. We also gladly accept donations at any time, but we have set our summer fundraising goal so that we can be sure we have the money to continue and fund upcoming projects. Giving now allows us to plan future projects without having to come back to park users for more money.

Technical Stuff: FORDOG is a Section 501(c)(3) organization. Donations can be made online at or by check made out to “FORDOG and mailed to FORDOG 4150 Temescal St. Fair Oaks, CA 95628. Continue to contribute to FORDOG year round by using our Amazon Smile Account. Using the link on our website will take you to Amazon where you shop as usual and we get a small bit of your purchase price at no cost to you.


Good news!  Phoenix Dog Park has reopened!  New drains and concrete pads at the watering areas are complete.  So come and enjoy good times again at the dog park with your furry best friends!