Drain Project

The Phoenix Dog Park opened in October 2006. Two French Drains were installed in Area 1, two in Area 2 and one in Area 3. The contractor had been asked to consult with FORDOG prior to the installation of the drains, the size of the drain and how the drains might be installed.

The consultation did not take place, and the drains that were installed were two inches in diameter. The French drains (if any) were inadequate, and excess water was abundant throughout the facility shortly after opening day.

FORDOG, with the approval of the Fair Oaks Park District administrator, devised a plan to replace the two inch drains with four inch drains, and to expand the French drains where needed.

Existing concrete pads required a concrete saw to cut out the existing drains, and be replaced with four inch drains and the pads repaired with new concrete. A back hoe would be used to trench new French drains, with four inch drain pipe covered by pea gravel.

  1. Wash off area: install four inch drain and install French drain.
  2. Area 2 near wash off area: install new four inch drain and install French drain.
  3. Area 2 swimming pool pad: install new four inch drain and install French drain.
  4. Area 3 special needs area: leave existing drain in place.
  5. Area 1 near soccer field: install new four inch drain and install French drain.
  6. Area 1 swimming pool pad: install new four inch drain and install French drain.

Pictures of the project: