FORDOG was created in 2001 as an informal group of volunteers. Our purpose was to serve as liaison between the users of the off-leash facility at Phoenix Park and the Fair Oaks Park and Recreation District staff; to provide and coordinate volunteers for special maintenance or renovation projects at the dog park; and to recommend rules and management policies to the District in regard to the dog park.

Along the way, we evolved into a fundraising group – funds to build amenities like shade structures, or undertake special improvements such as better drainage around water areas – and a “community education” group, to help keep the dog park safe and clean.

In March of 2009, the Fair Oaks Responsible Dog Owners Group filed Articles of Incorporation with the California Secretary of State. By-laws were completed the following month. We have since been recognized by both the State of California and the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.



We continue to be a strictly volunteer organization:  no member of our Board of Directors receives any form of compensation.  Our purposes have changed only a little.  As stated in our By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation, those purposes are to:

  1. Work with the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District as a Community Partner to ensure that public dog parks in Fair Oaks provide clean, safe, and well-maintained facilities for off-leash recreation  for dogs and dog owners in the comunity;
  2. Raise funds and coordinate volunteers to provide amenities for public dog parks in Fair Oaks, such as shade structures, bag dispensers, wading pools, safety signs, and other facility improvements not provided by the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District;
  3. Educate users of Fair Oaks dog parks about appropriate dog and owner behavior to ensure the highest possible degree of safety for all park visitors, and educate dog park visitors about canine behavior in general;
  4. Make reports and recommendations to the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District for dog park rules and policies

A copy of the Articles of Incorporation may be found on this website under Guidelines and Rules.